Simple MEAN tutorial – App setup using ExpressJS part 2

Simple MEAN tutorial – part 1 RESTful Day


Starting up with package.json creation using

npm init

This will get you to options on setting up the project like below screenshot

at present we will give project name – example1

entry point file – server.js (or whatever it might be <project name>, <app.js>, etc.,) this file seems to be the entry point to our node application. Continue reading

Simple MEAN tutorial – part 1 RESTful Day

Hi there,

This is a MEAN stack tutorial series and it is part 1. Basically this series will guide to create an application using MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS and for quick front end design I use Bootstrap. For MEAN There are lot of tutorial out there on the web and just want to try out and with my understanding I want to share with the fellow developer. Continue reading