About Me

About Me

Hi There,

I am Narayanan Ganapathi . I work for one of the top multi-national IT firm as a Front-end Web Developer in Chennai, India. I have been there in Web Development for past 6+ years.

Key Skills I worked and practicing – HTML/CSS, Javascript, Jquery, AngularJS, Bootstrap & NodeJS

The language platform – I worked on Java, PHP. In Java framework I worked on ATG, Struts, Spring. In PHP I worked on Drupal, Joomla.

Why hashanddots?

Main motto is to get store and share my experience and also sharing newly explored web development stuffs with my fellow web developers around the world.

Whenever getting to new technology it fades out the previous learning… true right? – My idea to store some where I can refer later… also others can go through to get an idea….

What’s Inside hashanddots?

This site contains simple web development solutions, beginner’s tutorial and what I explored newly as a beginner on new technology. Probably, later my friends will join in sharing their experience and tutorial blogs on web development.

If you have any suggestions or feedback feel free to sent them to narayanang27@gmail.com

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